Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Rez Life Weekend

Things I love about the rez and my weekend:

1. The names of subdivisions. Shall I name a few? Dark Shadows, Lifesaver, Corn on the Cob, 7 up, 7 mile, Chinatown, Over the Rainbow, Another World, A Step Beyond...the list goes on. I just love it when I ask a kid where they live and they say, I live in another world. It gets me every time!

2. Rodeo Pageants. I went to a pageant today, but here it worked a little differently than I expected. The girls were all decked out in their Western outfits, complete with cowgirl hats and spurs, and the horses were plenty! In a rodeo pageant the girls ride their horses around the arena in a certain pattern, and our friend Raina won rodeo queen! We were quite proud of her. The crown is so cool because it fits onto their cowgirl hat! It was such a fun experience and I loved getting to be a part of the culture here. It also really made me want to ride a horse and get a sweet pair of cowgirl boots...

3. My rez family. I live with a family that is Apache and I just adore them. I have gotten to hang out with them a lot the past couple of weeks and I will be so sad to leave. They have two adorable kids (the kind that you just want to squeeze their cheeks, which I do often, much to their chagrin) and I feel so blessed to be a part of their family for the summer. They work so hard and are so dedicated to the Lord and I look forward to hopefully being a part of their lives for quite a while longer. Yesterday I took them to the Fun Park to treat them before school started. It was a crazy hour of go carts and arcade games and it was great!

4. Church. I love it when God brings you to church and speaks straight to your heart. Tonight I was so blessed by our church service. The message was really encouraging and I got the chance to refocus, to ask for forgiveness, and give my burdens and fears to God. How great is our Father that He takes the time, and has the patience, to speak to us and take care of us? Then on the way home I got to be encouraged by Alvina (who I live with) and I felt so very loved. God knows how to take care of us and I love Him for it!

I have two weeks left on the reservation and I hope and pray that I finish strong and make the most of every moment. My hope for anyone who reads this is that you have a similarly blessed weekend. Take time to thank God for all the ways He provides for you and praise Him for His goodness. Even in times of trouble or uncertainty, He is present and He is always taking care of us.

Praise God and to Him be the glory, forever and ever, amen!

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  1. ...thank you for your prayer for was answered...ccww had a wonderful service this morning...your daddy fed a lot of hungry people with his sermon...and especially with our communion...and it was so good to be filled to the brim...(i really really really think you need to get the those cowgirl boots) you elaine/ ccww