Sunday, July 8, 2012

Travel (written from 30,000 feet)

Yesterday I was in Los Angeles celebrating the wedding of one of my dearest friends and best blessings at Fuller. Today I am in Phoenix and tomorrow I will be back at the reservation. I fly a lot in my life and as I was in the air this is what came to my mind.

To travel is to truly live.

To sit above the ground and see the fields and mountains below is to glimpse just a piece of the world we live in. From this high I look down and I see no pain. The hurt and suffering is obliterated by the clouds and the bigger picture that I can now view. This seems to be just a taste of another perspective, perhaps God's perspective? Flying over the states I am conflicted with feelings of hope and sorrow, but maybe the bigger picture is the beauty that I see from 30,000 feet. It is the beauty of our Savior that covers all the pain and suffering, the sorrow and sickness. He has come to redeem the world, to take away all traces of bad and cover us with beauty. Just as the beauty of His creation from my view in the sky covers the pain of the world below so will He do the same in our lives.

Believe me, to travel is to truly live. 

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