Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Colors of Corn and Sky

Corn grown on the Hopi reservation. So beautiful! 
It has been a good week, but isn't every week a good week when you live in a gorgeous place and are surrounded by wonderful people? It most definitely should be. This week I got to visit another reservation and I was actually astounded by the differences there. The Hopi reservation is in the middle of the desert, on top of a mesa, and many of the homes are made from stones and clay. The poverty is quite apparent and here Christianity is not accepted willingly. The traditional religion is strong, as are the traditional crafts and arts. We met a corn farmer and just as an example, he wanted the visiting group to walk on his cornfield so that the corn would sense that something good was coming and grow well. The cooks of the traditional Hopi meal we got to eat told me to never cook angry, that it would make my food taste bad. I was to always cook with a smile so the love would go down my arms and into my food. 

Let's admit it, I was having a ball. Learning all about growing corn in the dusty desert and seeing the traditional society was so interesting to me. The bones in my lamb and corn stew were not so interesting. It was a disappointing find to realize that "potato" was actually not edible! 

On the way home (it was about a three hour drive from our reservation) the landscape was breathtaking. The sun was setting and rainbows were forming over rocks and cliffs. At times the view seemed endless, miles and miles of land touching the sky. It was such an amazing ending to the day. After hearing about the beautiful colored corn that grows in the desert and then seeing the amazing views of the drive home I was confident, confident that God was most certainly in this place. If corn can grow in the desert, so can good things grow on the reservation. If dry ground can produce sustenance then so can God create life on the White Mountain Apache rez. In fact, if God can provide an entire show of beauty for four missionaries driving down the road, then He most certainly cares about His people. 

The itsy-bitsy Hopi Post Office
A traditional Hopi meal, all homemade. Lamb and corn stew, corn meal pudding, and bread.

This is real life. I took this picture on the way home!


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  1. I'm not so sure about the food part, but the rest looks amazing. God is growing you in a mighty way. I look forward to seeing what He has in store for you!
    P.S. Pretty pics.