Thursday, July 5, 2012

The best day is a day spent together.

When Sarah got the text we admittedly were a little confused and curious. As we drove down the country road past the corn fields and horses we felt slightly giddy with anticipation and hope. We kept wondering, had these teens really planned an event on their own? Were they bonding even past the retreat? Sure enough as we pulled up they were all there (minus 2 or 3). My teens who had been on the retreat were all sporting their conference t-shirts and a bunch of snacks bought with their food stamp rations. Uncharacteristically for them, the teens who had gone on the retreat had planned a get together, and Sarah (AYM staff and my roommate) and I were graciously invited.

It was the perfect scene. Water balloons were flying, everyone was laughing, people were jumping (or getting thrown) into the river and a smile was plastered on my face like my clothes were plastered to my skin. There were my two girls who had been the most closed off to me at the beginning of last week. They had been in a whirlwind of drinking and drugs since their best friend was murdered two months ago and here they were laughing, giving me a hug, and hanging out with the other teens. There was my student who had decided at the retreat to stop partying and drinking. When I asked about how it was being home he told me that he was about to go out drinking with his brother this morning when the other AYM teens showed up to get him to hang out. I praised the Lord for His timing is intentional. He is fighting for these teens. I watched these students laughing and full of life. I rejoiced that they were spending time with each other, talking about their journals, and responding openly to my questions about their goals. It was just the first day of their battle, but they were going in strong.

After 24 hours home they were working on their lives, they were loving each other, and they were planning many more summer events so that they could be together Community is essential in the Christian walk, we can't do it alone, and these teens are learning that the battle is easier if they go in together. Sarah and I were amazed by our teens but more than anything we were thankful and hopeful. Our prayers were being answered, but we knew this meant that we must increase them.

I must say, this was the best thing I could have asked for today. I have faith that we can be a supporting force in the lives of our teens and that if we continue to challenge them and pray for them God will move in their lives and this place. As we drove away (soaking wet) I was making so many plans. Plans for sustainable farm land, plans for field trips and experiences. But I knew that the most important plan was the plan God has for this rez, and for now, that is the plan that I will be immensely grateful to be a part of.

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  1. ...sometimes with joy you just cry...and give thanks...i love you...and your kids...elaine/ccww