Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hoops on the Rez

It has been a busy week here on the WMA reservation. This week we are holding the annual Hoops on the Rez camp. This basketball camp has been happening every summer for eight years and some of the coaches have been coming here every summer since it started! The days are long (starting at 7:30am and ending at 9:30pm) but it is a spectacular time. It is so cool to see the elementary students engaged and listening, responding to love and encouragement. And it is so awesome to hear about how some of our Junior High and High School students have been coming ever since they were in elementary school! It is a true testament to how a short term trip can have a lasting impact.

One of the great ways God has provided has been in bringing students to the camp. The day before it started I had 80 kids registered. This week we have had over 150 kids! What a blessing to get to pour into them through something they love.

Now, lets be honest, if you know me you know my basketball skills are pretty weak. Ok, they basically don't exist. Since I usually tell people a three-legged dog would play better than me I was wary of being given a "staff" shirt for the camp. When it comes to all the basketball lingo I still am lost but I sneak in some learning at the elementary camp when I am supposed to be "coaching." I am hoping next year to be promoted to junior high camp. I'll spend the year practicing! haha :) But I do love my little elementary team and I have been so excited to get to know my elementary schoolers better as the week has gone on. And I'm becoming quite the baller, I made 1 in 5 shots the other day. (Ok I am still terrible. All my height going to waste!)

Though the days are long and tiring I have been blessed by those who have come to serve from Indiana, Ohio, and Florida this week. They have beautiful hearts for these kids and they believe in this camp and it has been such a joy to work with them. Not to mention the fact that this week's cooks cook like a cruise ship. These big dinners have sure replaced my hummus and pretzel dinners of last week!

Don't forget to keep me in prayer if you can. I am getting worn out! But as I continue to hang out with my teenage girls here I am feeling blessed blessed blessed for this opportunity. God is faithful even when I don't deserve it.

...well, off to go shoot some hoops with my mad skills...or eat dinner...yea, dinner sounds good. 

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