Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Livin'

Ahh, early September. The beginning of the school year, going back to work, the daily grind, hours and hours and hours of free time...wait, is that last one only me? I know you are starting to hate me right now but honestly the amount of free time I have currently is ridiculous. I have organized our freezer, painted and repainted my nails, rearranged all the furniture in my room, and read three time is starting to wear on me. But don't worry, I won't complain. Since I know as soon as the quarter starts I will be inundated with paper writing and schoolwork (despite popular belief at Fuller that I can write papers in roadrunner-like speed) I thought I should try and make the most of my free time in LA, while on a strict(ish) budget. So here are a few pictures of where my LA adventures have taken me in the last two weeks. Maybe if you mix up some homemade salt water and put on the sound of seagulls you can pretend you are adventuring with me.
Manhattan Beach
A metro ride to the Dodgers Game. Go Dodgers! 
Malibu, where surfing was born. The day was cold, overcast, and rainy but anything is fun with a good friend and surfers with nice muscles.  
Laguna Beach! Just like the tv show but with less drama.

Downtown LA. This trip was so fun. We ate pastries at Homegirl Cafe and met some amazingly nice people.  

Next stop, work. This is to prove that I really do have a job but it is taking care of this cutie, so really, its still pretty great.

Ahh to be young and free. What a great detox after a busy and taxing summer. Lots of sunshine, friends, and a clean clean apartment. Care to join me? 

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  1. yesss I wish to join you, but the big man in charge of my company says "No, You must work everyday and we will not give you enough days off to venture to California so that you can keep your friend entertained" booooooo