Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Three Cheers for School!

Emotions run high and low on this blog, probably because when I don't have strong emotions posts are boring. Therefore you guys only get the best and the worst of my daily life. Interesting for you I hope! Today is a post of joy. School has started. It is the day many young people dread and the day I look forward to with giddy anticipation. By the time my class started last night I had been up for over twelve hours and had worked for 10.5 of them, but as soon as I got home and threw on my backpack I was totally pumped. Obviously this could make me a total nerd but I prefer the term "lover of learning".... which actually makes me sound even nerdier. Anyways, here is why I love the fact that school has started:

1. The weather is finally turning California cool. Today I read on the grass under a tree and it was perfect and Anne-of-Green-Gables-like. There was a pesky ant and crazy squirrels but in this moment of positivity I am pretending they were not there.

2. New friends! Now, no snarky comments from my old friends here saying, "But Meredith you told us you didn't want any more friends." I know, I know, but we all know I am being stupid when I say that and that resolve lasts for two minutes until I meet someone nice and immediately become besties with. I can't help myself. As much as I don't want to love people, I love a lot of them. So new friends it is, and what a joy to go through this stage of life with them. I love that my struggles and transitions here can help the next slew of people who are doing the same thing a year later. Community at its finest.

3. Books, reading, lectures, hooray! I love love love that I get to learn about the Old Testament writings from an adorable old British man in a three piece suit. He is so lovely I just want him to invite me over for tea in his garden (no really, I think he has a garden.) And I get to be in a class where we actually take time to pray for each other (novel idea really!) and then I get to read about politics and Christianity and totally freaked out but excited because I actually can use my Econ background and oh my goodness my nerdiness is overflowing and I simply must stop.

So I will just say:

I love Fall quarter. I love the bustling campus, the relationships, and everything that goes along with it. No matter what challenges are ahead, happy days are here my friends. Plus my awesome brother sent me the new Mumford and Sons cd so my ears are blissfully unaware of any noise the difficulties in this life may try to suppress upon me for at least a few days. God is good my friends, all the time. 

One of the first days of freshman year in college. Three of us in this picture are now in seminary or have completed seminary. Who would have thought! 

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  1. ...yes...He is good all the time...very very good indeed...hugs and blessings and prayers and love...all floating westward...elaine/ccww