Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who Knew Being a Soccer Mom Was So Much Fun?

Let's face it. For the last few days I have been a grump. I have eaten copious amounts of chocolate, spent an entire day sleeping and watching movies, and been rather snappy (not in the good way). I might blame it on the amount of perkiness and pretend joy that the producers of Let's Make a Deal made me have last Friday, but in truth it was a bit more than that (read my last post).

So I want all of my readers to know that I have officially found the cure to grumpiness and a slew of bad days:

Soccer practice. 

Now before you all begin to worry that I really have gone wacky I will assure you that I of course did not attend soccer practice because I joined a soccer team. We obviously all know that sports are not in my repertoire of fabulous qualities. I was actually attending the soccer practice of a 2nd grader. (Yes, be jealous of my life).  Tonight I was babysitting for one of my favorite families and I got to meet him and his six year old sister at soccer practice and let me tell you, I felt so cool. Going to soccer practice is like a whole new level of babysitter. Plus, hanging out with these two kids is fabulous and more like vacation then work because we get to eat ice cream and discuss things like the ice age and road trips, and why the inside of their house has obviously turned into a jungle so they must naturally brush their teeth in the stream and take showers in the waterfall. It reminds me of how fun life can be and is such a reprieve from my daily life. Who knew that playgrounds, magic capes, and imaginary adventures could be just what I needed to perk me back up again?

In addition to soccer practice I of course received a lot of wisdom and reminders of the pressure I was putting on myself which also aided in my journey of transition home from the rez. As I have been reminded, God loves those kids so much more than I do and He has me where He wants me right now, so obviously He has everything under control. (Why do I ever lose sight of that?) I am surely blessed with many great people to walk with me on this journey.

So tonight I will go to bed dreaming of the family that I will hopefully have one day to take to soccer practice, being grateful that I have three families here that show me what I have to look forward to and give me a little practice. 

And I will praise God for these trials and growing moments, while rejoicing that He has blessed me with these treasured evenings to simply let go of my worries and be a kid again. 

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  1. being a lacrosse mom and a violin mom is super fun too