Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I hear the Fall is coming to the Southeast, so this post is in honor of Autumn and all the things I love about it.

#1 The colorful leaves.
#2 The emergence of adorable jackets and sweaters (which I can't afford)
And most of all, #3 BOOTS. 
But alas, I live in Southern California, so my Fall looks like this:
This isn't so bad. :)

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  1. ..oh my...i love love those boots...and the cute jacket..but i think i would keep those people on the steps...long after the boots and jacket have worn those fall leaves...they still take my breath away every single year...but then i hear that pasadena has some very pretty roses that bloom in the new year...have a happy day...(i will be raking up some of those leaves)...hugs elaine/ccww