Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This one goes out to all the mamas!

Today I felt like a real California nanny. I was rocking it. I was trolling the suburbs with a dog, a baby on my front in one of those baby front carrier things, and in the other hand, a bag of poop. Man! I am living the life! But this post is not about me, oh no, it is not. . .ok, well it still kind of is. . . but really this post is about all you moms out there. That's right, all you moms, and all you dads too for that matter, I want to thank you. You have officially gained my respect and awe. It is hard to raise a tiny little thing that can't hold its head up into a person who can change the world! I realized in the 10 hours I was responsible for this sweet baby that the years you put into a child are loooooong. And they are hard on your back, and your knees, and your ability to swoosh and bounce and make funny noises. So I just want to say thank you. From my generation to yours. Thanks for holding us even when your arms hurt and for loving us even when we were fussy. Thanks for the bottles and the songs and the patience. And thanks for not giving up on us as we went through all the stages when we were never thankful for the work you put into us.

So mamas and papas, this one is for you!

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