Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rain rain don't go away!

This past weekend was tough (even though I had a lot of fun and rest). I really missed home...and Blackbird coffee. I was feeling kind of sad, kind of down. And here is what is weird....today I feel SO happy. Like, really happy. I walked outside this morning and the ground was wet and it smelled like RAIN. Rain! I had to wear a jacket because it was actually chilly, and I had to keep myself from skipping all the way to class. I read a book for FUN, I laughed with my new FRIENDS and I had coffee TWICE. Ok, with that last comment you might think the reason for this enthusiasm is the coffee in my veins, but that is not it! God is just SO faithful. When I get sad it is like He says,

"Hey Meredith! Look! Look at all these fun people around you! Look at the rain I brought for you! Hey Meredith, remember when I told you I loved you? And that I would always take care of you? Guess what...I meant it! I really do love you!"

Isn't it nice to realize that every little good thing is a gift showing that God loves us? I mean it. Today I took special notice of every nice word someone said or every time I smiled or laughed, and let me tell you, I had the best day! I have decided that no nice thing should go unsaid, and I am seeing that it really makes the world a happier place when people say nice things. Today someone told me I was stylish...yea buddy! I feel quite pleased. See, it is the little things! The realization that if I feel lonely, someone else probably does too. So let's have a party! Let's forget our homework and eat froyo and dance. Let's go smell the rain and wear a scarf. Let's choose to see the joys instead of the sorrows. Let's make the world a better place. 

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