Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Knowing Smile of My God

God is really good, you know? We live in this crazy world with all these crazy variables, yet God stays constant. I picture myself running around in life, picking up different ideas or dreams, going down one path then turning around and changing my mind, all the time with different salesmen yelling things out to me as I try to make decisions. But the whole time there is God above it all. I picture Him with a quiet smile on His face. He is not exasperated, although His smile may sometimes be sad. He isn't yelling at me or picking me up by the neck of my shirt and moving me to another place on the game board. He sits there with that knowing smile. And when I remember to look up and ask for help, He gives me that knowing nod, that quiet encouragement or that look of "you know better than that. I have taught you better than that." And I realize He is right. He never leaves me as I run through life, even when I get distracted, and every time I look to Him I get that soft smile of a loving loving Father, a smile that says, "I know you. I love you. I will take care of you. You may take the wrong path sometimes, but the big picture is mine. You will end up in the right place, just don't forget to look for me, don't forget to look to me."

Maybe that seems too idealistic and simple. Being in seminary I realize that Christianity has a lot more to it then I realized. I am learning the complexities of understanding the Bible and theology and our relation as Christians to the world. It is all very intricate and deep and intellectual. And all of these things are good. But even if it is naive or un-intellectual, I will forever picture my Father with that smile that I have pictured my entire life. For as much as I learn and delve into the Bible and the Christian faith, there is one simple fact I will always know:

My God is guiding my path and my God adores me.

I hope today you might take a moment to reflect, to close your eyes and look back on your day. Remember those moments when you felt loved, appreciated or happy. In those moments remember that it is the God who formed the universe that loves and cares for you. You are precious in His sight and He will never let you go. 

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