Sunday, October 2, 2011

Your Love Never Fails

Tomorrow I start my second week of classes (and my new job!). I can't seem to find the adjective to describe how my time in Pasadena has been so far. On one hand, it has been really great. Here is why:

-God has blessed me with amazing community and friendship in less than a month. There have been dinners at my place, movie nights, excursions into the city and study dates (not real dates mind you, I wish). As an extrovert these things have been amazing gifts from the Lord. It is nice to walk campus and see people you know by name, and to be able to walk across the hall to see if anyone wants to join for a Target run.

-I love my classes. My favorite is my New Testament class. I had no idea how the NT canon was formed and I am loving learning about the Book I profess as the Word of God. In a different class (this one is three and a half hours long and ends at 10pm!!) we start off with 15 minutes of prayer....and singing! haha, it was really funny to see our older professor, who is the top guy for missions theology, rocking out to a hardcore version of "How Great Thou Art."

-And of course there is my adorable apartment, which we have already discussed, and the plethora of calls and texts that I get from my sweet friends back home. I cannot express the joy that fills my heart when I hear the voice of a dear friend.

But at the same time I cannot tell you that this move has been the most wonderful thing in the world. My heart aches to be near to my family. I watch the Amazing Race and get teary-eyed (yes, I am lame) because I have been blessed with amazing companionship at home and I miss that. I love Pasadena for this season of my life, but I miss the sweet fresh air of the Southeast and the bright colors and swift breeze of Autumn. I am also still looking for a church home (can't seem to find one with a character that matches Mr. Bass...) and I long to have that community as well.

But as I read through the Bible I see that in God's mission He takes care of His people 100%. Yes, He corrects us, disciplines us, and challenges us, but His love for us is overwhelming, it is incomprehensible. Because of His great love for me I know that He is involved in each piece of my life, no matter how small. I know that He saved me by His grace and through the entire redemptive history of the Bible He has never stopped caring about His people. So it does not matter if there are downfalls, for my God loves me and He will never stop taking care of me. Isn't that wonderful?

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