Monday, October 24, 2011


It is 7:41am and I am at work. Yuck. Not yuck to the job, I love my sweet baby, but yuck to being up before the sun rises. I think that should be against the law.

I have a confession to make. This past weekend I did not do any schoolwork. I had a lot of schoolwork to do, but I didn't do it. You know what I did do this weekend? Rested. I think that we forget the importance of rest, or the Sabbath. Our lives get busy with work, friends, responsibilities, and we think obviously there is no time to rest! Here is the truth: you do have time to rest. Now don't start whining that I don't know your life and how busy you are, I do. Things will get done, tasks will be accomplished but if even God rested, then so must we.  I am convinced that rest is essential to mental health. So this weekend I ate frozen yogurt and danced with my friends down the sidewalks of Pasadena. I went on an adventure to Whole Foods and ate a whole lot of samples and then went to a coffee shop concert. I went to church, took a nap, laid on my friend's couch as we poured out our hearts, made brownies, shared brownies, then spent some more time with beloved friends. And I can tell you that this was a much better weekend then worrying about papers and reading.

So yes, I am going to be really busy during the baby's naps today, but I think it is worth it. We all need a little time to rest in our lives. 

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