Friday, February 3, 2012

Electric Smetric, I want my mountains!

I welcome myself back to this blog with a rant, dedicated to Nissan and their 100% electric car Leaf.

Dear Nissan,

You make it seem really great to have car that does not run on gas. Many consumers might think that it will save the world and natural resources, and look super cool to drive (the latter may be true). But let me ask you one question, do you know where electricity comes from?
Pick me! I do! I can tell you! Coal-fired power plants.
Did you know that coal is the dirtiest of all fossil fuels?
Did you know that the more coal we use, the more they will strip mine the Appalachain mountains, literally blowing the tops off of God's creation?
So in conclusion, the electric car is really just as bad an idea in regards to natural resources as the gasoline car.

So is a smart car really that smart?


I Took Environmental Science in College (and I think it made me smart)

p.s. My next blog post will be much more spiritual and informative. Forgive me for this tirade.

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  1. ...well...talking about saving God's mountains is pretty spiritual and informative...i think He might really be into environmental science...especially when He gets the credit...i love you much hugs elaine/ccww i will take a smart young woman over a smart car any day...