Saturday, February 18, 2012

News, news, news!

Adventures have blown my way with the Georgia wind! Yesterday my fabulous mother arrived at the Ontario airport for a week-long visit in the land of palm trees, shopping, and weather sent from heaven above. We are planning lots of outings with my friends, being tourists in the city, and some good old fashioned quality time. I think this is going to be a good week.

In other adventurous news, I got to meet a fabulous genius the other day. I was slowly lumbering down the hall after a long day at work when my friends ran into me and told me that a certain John Nash was on campus. John Nash? Is that an actor? No my friends. Better. Much much better. If you have seen A Beautiful Mind, this is the man the movie is based on. He was at Fuller for a seminar on schizophrenia. This was perhaps the highlight of the last five years in my life.Why I was so exhaustively thrilled was because he is the man behind the Nash equilibrium and game theory. Warning: This is where my nerd radar flies out of control. Game Theory is this awesome thing we learned in economics where you can predict what the outcome will be based on the decisions that two or more people may make. If you have ever heard of the prisoner's dilemma...that is game theory. Needless to say, I was more excited then if you were to tell me Elvis had come back from the dead and I was going to meet him. This old old man, who was not entirely coherent, was the source of a lot of emotion because he is a GENIUS and I LOVE game theory. And I will probably stop here before I just fly into a long diatribe on the wonders and joys of economics.

Whew, I am getting excited just thinking about it. Put that on my list of best moments ever.

And finally, I have news on my NEXT adventure! This summer I will be spending eight weeks on the White Mountain Apache reservation in Arizona! I am going to be working with Apache Youth Ministries and I am really excited about this opportunity. This will be a very different context from what I have worked in before and I am praying for a very enlightening experience. Hopefully the Lord will use this to cast some vision for my future. It is going to be a great eight weeks and if anyone would like to partner with me in prayer during that time, I would greatly appreciate it.

And as always, all glory for these exciting things goes to the Lord, for without Him I would have no hope, joy, or adventure. He is my life and my Savior and I owe Him everything. 


  1. ...i am so glad that your dreams are back...that your mom is there...i am still is just that sometimes i get so tired of my voice...i cannot imagine how tired the rest of the world must be of it! you much sweet girl...hugs elaine/ccww

    1. Thanks for putting me ahead of John Nash- at least in chronology. I had a wonderful time with you in So Cal and look forward to another visit if you say I can.