Monday, February 27, 2012

A rainy day in Californ-i-a

It is a cold and rainy day in Southern California. My favorite kind of day really, for we mostly just get sunshine and warm breezes. On this chilly day I am at work and baby Orion is seven months old. We really do get along quite well. We both like to laugh, play, and eat really messy. Its a match made in heaven! And as long as we are talking about my sweet chunky baby, I might as well mention that there are four things that I am most definitely working to instill in him during our time together.

1. A love for rain.
I take him onto the covered porch and say things like, "We loooove rain. Isn't rain so great?? See the rain??"I think this is most definitely effective brainwashing.

2. A love for Frank Sinatra, Etta James, and the other classics.
Really, I think all people should be forced to listen to these wonderful souls. They change lives. I mean it. Just youtube them and then tell me you don't get automatically happier.

3. A love for dancing.
Obviously no life is complete without a few ridiculous dance moves. And as a bonus, me being ridiculous usually gets him to stop crying.

4. And finally, a love for The Amazing Race
Travel, teamwork, is a winning combination for a growing mind.

At this rate, with my influence, he is going to be the coolest kid on the block. 

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  1. Also he has an amazingly cute smirk.