Monday, June 18, 2012

Arizona: Where everything melts.

Oh Arizona. What an impression you have made on me. First, you have shown me the true meaning of hot. When the weatherman says a "cool front" is coming in on Wednesday so we will have a low of 107 degrees, I know that I have officially reached a whole new level of sweat. Then you have shown me a new type of storm. Apparently out here storms aren't made of water and thunder, but dust. Yes I was confused when they said a storm was coming and they were watering their plants, but just five minutes later I thought I was back in that book my fourth grade teacher read to us about the Dust Bowl. I never knew that air could be so, well, dusty.

But these few days in Arizona have been fun spending time with an old friend and learning not to say, "Wow it is so HOT" every time I walk out the door. Tomorrow morning bright and early I will leave for the reservation. I will have a four hour drive and I need a lot of prayer for traveling mercies as the heat can do crazy things to one's car (I am so glad I stole the sunshade from my dad a few years back!). Then I will hit the ground running and the next thing you know I will be updating with news from the rez.

Adventures, adventures. Its what I asked for and here it is. Prayer warriors....unite! 

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