Saturday, June 2, 2012

The joy of an unexpected dinner party

My heart is full. You know those moments when you just feel utterly and completely loved? Though we always know we are loved these moments only come every so often and they leave you feeling like the whole world is at your fingertips! (I am a hopeless feelings person so the slightest joys can make me feel like writing poetry or leaping across my apartment complex, the latter of which I do on a regular basis). I just spent a few unexpected hours with a particular family that I care about as if they were my own blood. What a joy to have visitors all the way from Georgia having dinner with me! here! in Pasadena! When my separate worlds collide it is like color rushing back into my vision. It is such a privilege when this happens because 2,000 miles of separation is quite the distance. But tonight I laughed, oh how we laughed, and I ate. Oh my did we eat! I kind of learned how to do the wobble, but at that point it was getting late and I'll admit, I think I need a bit more practice.

Oh this night, it was so full of joy, and as I jump into another "adventure" and run straight into the unknown yet again it was such a comfort to sit with my two "little sisters" and remember what it is that makes my life so worth it. It was such a joy to be back with the familiar, with that home feeling, and regain my confidence to continue following in the way of the Lord. Because when God reminds you of the love that surrounds you, when He lets you hug the little sisters you care about so much, you know that you can do anything He asks. You know that no matter the hardships to come you are loved, and you have the capacity to love, and with love there is laughter, and with laughter you can get through almost anything.

And that is what keeps me going. Love. Hugs. Laughter. Worlds colliding, and God's reassurance that He never has and never will let me go.

What a joy my life is, and all because when God is your light, the whole world brightens. 

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