Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Power of Prayer

Its been the calm before the storm here at AYM. Today I got to sleep in until 8am which for me is definitely not sleeping in but I take what I can get. We have been preparing for the Maryland team that just arrived and getting ready to go to WLS next week. I will be one of two girl leaders taking about 12 students to a conference in Missouri that is specifically for young Native Americans. I could not be more excited. Though I have only been here for 6 days it seems as if I have been here all year. My heart is burdened as always but I am learning to trust completely in God and His promises as I interact with the Apache people and students. I thought I would present a few prayer requests so that you all can be connected through prayer to my work here. So here are two that are on my heart:

1. Pray for the students. Pray that God would protect them and lead them in the right direction. Pray that they would not give into temptation but instead choose to follow Him, however hard that may be.

2. Pray for God to raise up Christian Apache leaders. I truly believe that widespread change will not occur until the white leaders have handed over ministries and churches to Apache leadership. In order to do this though, God must first raise up these leaders. In addition pray for Christian leaders to take positions in the Native Tribal Government. Many of the problems here are exentuated by bad leadership there.

I look forward to updating you all throughout this week. Hopefully there will be beautiful stories of God's grace to share as I spend a week at the conference with the students. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and I apologize for typos or bad spelling. This computer is rickity! Love to you all!  

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  1. ..prayers as you have asked are surrounding you and the apache children and adults...they will travel with you to missouri... and will be waiting for you when you return...thank you for going "to the ends of the earth" in His name...Jesus loves you...and i do too....blessings elaine/ccww