Friday, June 8, 2012


I'm back in the ATL! It is a whirlwind of a trip that started off with a cramped and cold midnight flight (no one told me to not dress cute but to dress warm and comfy) and 40 hours without sleep but I am so happy to be here. Though most of my friends from college are out of town I feel very loved to have friends back in Pasadena to wish me well and friends and family here to embrace me. Tonight I am heading to a Braves game and I am SO excited. Tomorrow will be full of farmer's markets, free time, and good food. Not to mention tooling around in the golf cart my family just bought...I put the peddle to the metal and go a whopping 15 mph! woo!

There is something about being home, maybe the familiarity, maybe the smells or the sights, but it is like I can breathe easier here. Its as if I transform when I drive through the wooded roads. I breathe in the clean (smog-free!) air and I relax. I start using "ma'am" and hear the Geaw-ga accent come out. Its blissful coming home and I love it.

I love my life in the small town and my life in the big city.

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