Friday, September 9, 2011

Did We Just Time Travel To 1943?

So we kind of accidentally made it to the outskirts of Oklahoma City today. How far did we drive? Oh you know, only around 850 miles. We started our trip out with a stop in Birmingham to see this kid:

My brother! (and a really packed car)

Then came Memphis, which I would show you a picture but we kind of had a miscommunication or snafu of some sort and missed stopping in Memphis altogether. I was disappointed (and hungry) but that was all made up for later. The longest part of our day was Arkansas. 
Oh how witty! I found a little rock in Little Rock!

(In my head I keep saying pronouncing it Ar-Kansas. I must be tired.) This is a really beautiful state if you like fields and grass (which I do.) After many hours of plains we decided we would stop in the seemingly big town of Fort Smith on the Arkansas/Oklahoma border and rest there for the night. By the direction of the internet we set out to find a diner that was supposedly famous. Dad and I made a couple of turns in Fort Smith and realized the truth about this town. It is, in fact, not a vacationer's dream. It may actually be the armpit of the United States. Seriously. We were driving through a realllllllly bad part of town, but we decided to check out this place to eat anyways. And lo and behold, we found the diner. This is what we saw when we pulled up: 
Umm, is that a shed? 

We both laughed so hard when we saw this place. My dad looked at me with great apprehension. "Are we going to eat here?"he asked, to which I joyfully replied, "Yea! Of course! This is awesome!" And let me tell you, it was awesome. Here is a little photo experience for you:
Notice the excitement. 

Cutest old man behind me.

After the picture above one lady asked in a thick country accent, ya'll aren't from these parts? We said no and she proceeded to explain that in that case I needed to take a picture with the razorback pig as well. Everybody does it, she said, which I don't know if that was true, but I didn't care! I was in Fort Smith, Arkansas in a 1943 hole in the wall diner! 
We missed Elvis in Memphis, who knew we would find him in Arkansas!
We LOVED this place. We had so much fun. There were so many characters that walked inside. Our sweet pretty waitress had lived here all her life and as a kid would come to this place every night for dinner. Every night! She always had a grilled cheese. This was definitely the highlight of our trip. The dumpiest place was the most awesome experience! We laughed and laughed.

Sadly, after that we tried to get out of Fort Smith to stay somewhere not scary and we found out not only is there nothing not scary between there and Oklahoma City, there is nothing between the Fort Smith and Okla. City. We had to drive a couple more hours of dark fields and wheat before we found civilization again. So now I am going to sleep soundly for tomorrow we start again. Until then my friends! 

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