Friday, September 23, 2011

Georgia on my mind.

Here are today's random thoughts:

1. I cannot believe how many people I meet from Georgia here in Pasadena. I babysat tonight for a family who have parents and siblings living in PTC and Fayetteville, then I get in the elevator of my building and I meet a couple who are from Atlanta and not only have heard of Milledgeville but their cousins own the Japanese restaurant downtown! On the other side of the country I meet someone who has been to Milledgeville! (Generally I just get the confused look of why does your school have so many names?)
God, You are so cool.

2. Speaking of elevators, this seems like the best place to meet people. This is where I met friends that helped in my transition, got me a babysitting job, AND had me over for dinner. I have also met people from Atlanta and other new friends in the elevator. Heck, next week I might just get a chair and sit in there for a while.

3. Speaking of babysitting...I got payed 70 bucks for babysitting 5 hours tonight. 70 bucks! Living in Southern California apparently has its perks.

4. Speaking of perks, there are a lot of perks to fairy tale Disney movies. Tonight watching Snow White with the kids I learned that 1. Friends can be made anywhere if a meeting is accompanied by a hot meal. 2. Washing your hands and face is super important. 3. Men are naturally messy. 4. We are all equally important, whether we sneeze a lot, are angry, dopey, happy, or sleepy. 5. Never let strangers into your house. 6. And finally, true love's kiss solves all your problems (as does friendship).

5. Speaking of friendship, I like it here. Its different for sure, and sometimes I still wonder what God had in mind in bringing me here, but I like it more and more every day. It is nice to walk campus and know people. I still miss Georgia (/College) but I am becoming more in love with this season of my life all the time.

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  1. My fav line..heck I might just get a chair and sit there! Ha! Love it and love you Meredith. Hope you see God's blessings each and every day and find exactly what He's sending you to do!