Monday, September 19, 2011

The Inescapable Truth

It is my one week anniversary with the town of Pasadena. *Initiate celebration* Woohoo I made it! Only two more years to go!

In being forced to meet people and make friends here (because let's face it, when I am alone too long I start to have long conversations with myself in Spanish and make up new dance moves) I have found myself able to see how others perceive me. Perception is always interesting to me. They say "perception is reality," and this really seems to be true when one is thrown together with a lot of people who have no idea who you were before you got here. I listen to myself as I talk and I start to judge myself by what I say. For example, here is the image I think I am giving here so far:

1. I am kind of a wuss. I have stated that I don't like hiking, bugs, dirt, sweat, camping, salt water, or eating fish that look like fish.
2. I really believe anything I am told and I use some reallllly creative adjectives.
3. I like to talk, a lot.
4. I am pretty straight laced.
5. I am kind of lame. I really can't seem to pull off the "I'm super confident and kind of a big deal" thing.

Sometimes I have stepped back this week and thought, man, really Meredith? Why didn't you reinvent that little fact. Why not be the hiking fanatic who uses normal words and surfs, or something? I have thought about how others perceive me and I start to question my own self. I could be anybody here, and the thought of being a hipster was kind of tempting,  but in all actuality there is only one thing I can be, and that is me. I can't change the fact that I fall over while standing still, or that I use the word "stellar" in every day conversation. I like to talk, I watch sports but don't always know what is going on, and yea, I believe whatever I am told. But that is how God made me. And it may be different and maybe some people will have to get used to me, but oh well. You win some, you lose some. Maybe people think I am crazy, but so far no one has run away or looked at me like I was nuts (at least not for long). Here at Fuller we all are in the same boat. We all are passionate about ministry. We love the Lord and we love each other. We are all the Body of Christ and we are all different, and we should embrace that.

So. My name is Meredith. I like economics, studying, and chocolate. I fall over when standing still and sometimes I say, "shut up!" when I hear something interesting. I may be a wimp in a forest but I am a beast at International airports. I am a folk music expert and I like to sky dive in my free time. And I think before I speak. And this is me. So what's your story? 

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  1. goodness child you are so far ahead of me...i need to make something up...but just to give you a small clue...(from a distance of 63 years of living)...everyone else probably feels exactly the same way...but then they may not have been to the top of that mountain in welcoming...they all will want to be in your heart...Jesus is in you can't you...elaine/ccww