Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love Pasadena. And internet. I just got internet which is why I have not updated you all on the past few days. So in the light of new experiences I have compiled a list of things that are great.

1. The fact that we made it to Pasadena. The last stretch of the trip was brutal. If you know someone on the brink of insanity and you want to drive them over the edge (haha, drive, what a pun!), then drive them through New Mexico and into California. The route to Pasadena once you enter CA is about four hours of desert and beautiful mountains, but that is it. Two towns and literally nothing in between. The purple mountains majesty start to look more like angry mountains get-out-of-my-state after a while. So yay, we made it!

2. The location of my apartment. It is is perfecto. I am two blocks from campus, a few blocks from all the best shops (Gap, J. Crew, Anthropologie, food), about a ten minute walk from Old Town Pasadena, and there is a Trader Joes within a four minute drive...need I say more? Ok, I will. The architecture here is beautiful. It looks just like Spain. And did I mention I can walk everywhere? I'm in heaven.

3. Friends. I had decided not to make any but that did not work. In the elevator I met Jess and Hawley who are Community Coordinators in my building and have helped me in so many ways. On my hall there are five other girls my age (in addition to a lot of Korean families but they are a little more..less extroverted) and unfortunately I really like all of them. People here are your instant friends. Anyone I meet says "Welcome to Fuller!" It is really nice to have such community and a true blessing from the Lord that these girls are on my hall.

4. EspaƱol. It is everywhere. The billboards, the radio, the guys that come install and deliver things. I feel very at home here.

5. God the Provider. Can you say confirmation? EVERYTHING here has worked out so well I know it is not just happenstance. I felt like Abraham on the journey, following the Lord into the unknown, and I will admit I was a little nervous. But God promised to take care of me and He continues to amaze me in the incredible ways He provides. I owe everything to Him and more.

So that was only five things but I could list more and more of how wonderful it is here. If anyone wants to come visit Southern California, it is the place to be! Although I have a really tiny apartment so you might have to come one at a time...

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  1. do realize what all this means...Jesus lives in california too...that should make everything so much easier...and you get to sleep late...when it is 7 am in is only 4 am in california...that way you get the sleep three hours later than we do...sort of...hugs...blessings...and prayers right outside your window...i love you elaine/ccww