Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Picture Speaks at Least 200 Words Apiece

For those of you that were at church today I wanted to post some pictures related to the stories I told to you all. For those who were not there I thought you might enjoy some pictures from my trip!

This is the group of children I taught in Aleppy at Prince John's church. They were my second program and a great encouragement!

This is my family in India (minus Cindy's husband Martin because he had to take the picture, and Cindy's son Jaden because he was at school.) I could not have done anything without them and I am so grateful!

I need to fix up this picture a bit, but you can get the idea. This is Timothy and Graceful. Notice the height difference between me and Grace! We look so strange next to each other! So glad to have been blessed with these friends.

This is a beautiful mountain I visited. Amazing, right? I will post more pictures as I pick out the best ones. This will have to satisfy your appetites for now! 

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