Friday, November 25, 2011

All the Single Ladies...wait, just me?

I really think that the world would be a better place if we all just sang what we were thinking instead of speaking it. Everything sounds better when accompanied with a tune, don't you think? Maybe it is just me, but it is something to think about.

I am also realizing the similarities between my life and the life of fictional character Bridget Jones (minus all the smoking, drinking and really only the being single part). As I live alone as a single twenty-something I have started picking up all these weird single person habits. It might look a little like THIS to an outsider. (Again, without the smoking and drinking habits. Don't worry, I am in seminary. I'm not that far gone.) To be honest I never expected to be "the single one" of my friends. Granted I am still in my early twenties so I have plenty of time to find a man, but we live in America and in America everyone pairs off early. I started noticing this new label in my life about a year ago, when the group of friends I go to the lake with every year became a bunch of lovey-dovey couples, and then there was me. Now that makes for an awkward trip. In graduate school, life is much the same. Being far away from home I spent the holidays with another great family here in California. I went with my married friends, Mark and Brittany, and walking in the door of their family I realized again that I was the single twenty-something friend. My dear Bridget Jones and I could probably sympathize with each other. Although I still have eight years before dinner parties become quite as bad as THIS ONE.

But until I sing into a wishing well and my prince comes riding along on a horse to declare his immediate love for me (Disney movies really have ruined me) I am going to embrace my twenty-something single freedom. I am going to eat that Ben and Jerrys with pride, dance and sing in my pajamas, and watch Wizards of Waverly Place at midnight. I might even leave my dishes on the floor of my apartment for a day or two.

Now who wouldn't want to join in on that totally lame and immature crazy awesome life?

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  1. Being 4 yrs older and thriving in the single life, I totally understand. When I sit and think about what I was like 4 yrs ago in your shoes, I get excited for you! I am a lot different. Still love the same thIngs, but I know so much more! I don't say that in a boastful manner. I just realize how much God has taught me about life, coworkers, employers, friends, men, sharing my faith, being patient. So with that said, get excited! Because the longer you are single, I feel you are more prepared for sharing your life with someone else. You've already figured out some of life's challenges And can therefore focus more on your special someone. So cheers to all you married folk, but I'm content with my Single Ladies solo for now! And yes, "life is WAY better with a tune!" says the music teacher.