Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The strange happenings of my life.

1. Twice in one week I almost went out grocery shopping in my slippers. I was halfway down the hall when I realized my feet were still wrapped in fuzzy goodness. What kind of things will I be wearing out when I am old??

2. I may not have a lot of skills, but making conversation with cashiers is definitely one of them. If I ever meet a good one maybe I can finagle myself a date...or something for free? Coupons would be good too.

3. I had a dream the other night where I was told that God wanted me to work with the Native Americans. I would take this as a sign except that later the same night I had a dream and someone else told me to be a model. Missionary or model? Hmmm, tough choice.

4. One of the great dilemmas of my week was that I did not make it to the Farmer's Market and thus had to buy produce from Trader Joes. I was very distraught because none of their produce was local, in fact most of it came from Mexico. Then I realized that I now live in SoCal so Mexico is practically local. This thought eased my pain.

So what is the cure for all this madness?

One great dose of Georgia lovin', coming my way in 2.5 weeks. Now if I can just get to work and write these papers.. 

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  1. Just remember, next time you see a cashier with a "cool cellphone holder" don't compliment it, because it's a knife . . .