Monday, November 14, 2011

Something to Think About.

Christmas is coming up soon! Yes, yes, I know Thanksgiving comes first but admit it, we have all already begun thinking about Christmas. Today I was talking to my dad about this very holiday and we were discussing the fact that really there is nothing that we need for Christmas this year. Everyone in my family has more than enough clothes and shoes. We have cameras, TVs, and we each have a GPS. Really, we want for nothing.

Even though this is true, living in Pasadena I sometimes get caught up in the consumerism. Literally anything I could want is just a few blocks away. That sweater at Target looks totally necessary, and I love that scarf at GAP. I need a new pair of boots, right? Right? Don't I have five pairs of boots already. Wait, five? Dang it.

So what makes me think I need more?

I am almost embarrassed to write this post. I feel bad because I have a lot of stuff and yet sometimes I want more. But I need to face the facts. There are plenty of people this Christmas that actually are wanting for things that they need. Many people won't spend the holiday with their families, and on Christmas day alone many children around the world will die from starvation and preventable diseases. They won't even be thinking of presents and a warm breakfast.

This Christmas I need to be thankful that I have more than what I need. And this Christmas I need to pray that God will give me the chance to bless someone else with the abundance that He has given me. After all, isn't Christmas really about God's blessing and gift to the world?

As my New Testament professor puts it, It's about Jesus, stupid. 

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