Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A lack of tricks and treats

Lesson being learned in Pasadena: Apparently I have no filter. I guess it is a work in progress...

On another note:

As we all know Monday was that joyous holiday we call Halloween. Seeing as I live in an apartment, I skipped the candy aisle at the grocery store this year, being told by many that I would have no trick-or-treaters coming to my door. But they were wrong. At about 7pm I was on the phone when I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly told my mom I had to go and went to the door, assuming it was my neighbor-friend. As I peeped through the peephole I jumped at the sight that greeted me. It was in fact, not my neighbor-friend, but two small girls. I contemplated pretending I wasn't home, but that was no good, I was sure they had heard me. So I opened the door. "Hi!" I exclaimed. The two girls just stared at me. No "trick-or-treat." No candy bags. Nothing. The smaller of the two was a princess, but her older sister, who was not dressed up at all, was standing behind her, clutching her small shoulders as if presenting her to a king. Now, as you might know, there are a lot of Korean families at Fuller, families that are simply in the States to study so they don't know American customs yet. Here is how I imagine the scenario:

Older Sister (OS): (Runs in the door after getting home from school) Hey sis! Guess what! I learned at school today that apparently on this day in America if you dress up and knock on people's doors they give you stuff!

Little Sister (LS): Really??

OS: Yea! Go get on your costume and let's see if this works!

So alas, they ended up silently at my door, waiting expectantly. "Well, hmmm." I said. "I don't have any candy, just cookies and crackers. You guys want a cookie?"

They both said yes. "Uhh ok, here you go. Take one!" I regretfully let them each choose a Kashi cookie from the container, sad for them that all I had were healthy cookies, not even the good kind! I closed the door, hoping that no more would come. Later I kept thinking, "Oh! Dang it! I could have given them fruit snacks!" or "Nickels! I should have given them nickels!"

But I learned my lesson. Always have candy on Halloween.

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