Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Portrait of my Father's Love

He kissed her newly formed face and smiled at His most recent creation. He had loved her from before the moment she was formed and He wanted her to know before He let her go into the world. As He sent her down He whispered, "My child, I have created you for big things." And at that a cry came into the world and she had arrived. 

As a little girl she was always full of spunk and as she ran she always felt God running with her. She had loved Him since the moment He had kissed her newly formed face. She never doubted His love for she had felt it, seen it, held onto it. And as she grew older she clung to the quiet voice that reminded her, "I have big plans for you." 

But she grew older, and the world grew tougher, and every now and then she would forget the kiss and the whisper. She would begin to run and lose her way, but He would be there. He would pick her up and dust her off when she fell, would calmly drop hints to return to the right direction, and calm her weary heart when the burdens seemed too much to bear. And each night, as she went to bed, whether with smile or tears, He would quietly whisper, "My child, I have created you for big things." 

And she listened, she followed where He called, she cried when it got hard, and He would remind her of His love. And when it all became too much, when the sadness around her threatened to overwhelm, when the threat of going this path alone would loom, when she felt that this must surely be too hard of a process, she would remember and she would look up. In that moment she saw His face, just as she had when she was little. His eyes were sad because her heart was, but she was amazed at the compassion, empathy and love she saw there. In the midst of her weariness she heard Him say, "I know this hurts, but you have to remember, I created you for bigger things. I have so much more in store for you." And as she gazed into His face she remembered that indeed she had been created with a purpose. He must have known she could handle the sacrifices, the heartbreaks, the loneliness, because He had given her this calling from the moment she was born and He had created her with all her strengths and all her flaws. She flashed back to every moment in her life where God had always picked her up when she fell, always brought the right people into her life when she felt lost, always opened the right doors and provided for her needs. So she picked herself up, with the help of those He had surrounded her with, and began to walk on. 

God smiled as He took her hand and she felt the wind whip softly across her cheek. "My child," the wind seemed to say, "I have created you for big things, and I will not let you go there alone." 

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  1. ....and never forget....when she was just too tired to walk...let alone run...He picked her up and carried her...praying much for you...and your kids...this week...i love you elaine/ccww