Monday, August 6, 2012

Amish in Apache Land! (A surrriously exciting me)

Oh the people that you meet! This summer has been a spectacular time to meet new people from all over the United States. I have met "small world" connections from Indiana, even someone who went to my same university in Georgia! Last week I met some men from Kentucky who sang the twangiest old country hymns up on a mountain that I have ever heard, and this week I have had what I consider a great privilege....a group of Amish are in town! That is right folks, old order Amish are on the Apache reservation. Who would have thought it! These ladies are from Indiana and are from an order that still drive horses with buggies, do not ride bikes, do church in German, and make all their own clothing. In meeting these gals I jumped right in because, let's face it, I am an extrovert and I LOVE meeting people who live culturally different.

So as I sat down to dinner with a few of the Amish girls I got right to the point, asking the important questions. "So, do you guys ever wear pants?" I asked. They answered me no, so I pressed on. "Ok, but the real question is, have you ever worn pants?" Interestingly enough they wear sweatpants under their dresses in the winter. Can you imagine never having worn a pair of jeans? I can't! Anyways, after twenty minutes of knowing them (I don't need long to make friends) I decided it would be so cool to go live with them for a few weeks. (I basically invite myself over. Flaw or strong point? Who knows.) The visiting youth pastor of our team this week looked at me like I was a nut and commented that in fact he had never seen anyone so enthusiastic about Amish. I can't help it, its who I am! So with some fresh and sassy new friends (they may not have electricity but these girls do not lack spunk!) I am heading towards some Amish peanut butter and some sewing lessons before the week is over. So cool, right?

Ok, I know, being so excited about making Amish friends on an Apache reservation in Arizona is a little crazy, but for one, helllooooooo what a mixture of cultures in such an unlikely place! And for two, I think it would be such a good experience to live their lifestyle for a small time, to be devoid of outside distractions and amenities, to live off the land, make my clothing, and live in community. That just sounds like a fantastic growing experience.

And let's admit it, I can never have enough friends.


  1. ...everyone needs a friend like you elainecc/ww

    1. You have been fascinated with Amish culture since you were little and we were around them in ohio. why are they in Arizona? I think you need some sewing lessons for sure. I do not think you would enjoy milking a goat or cow.