Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indian Summers

A year ago today I had just arrived in India. I was tired, weepy, and luggage-less. I had traveled by myself for over 24 hours and everything was different. I was overwhelmed and I could only guess as to what God had in store for that trip, let alone for the next year.

One year later I am spending my summer with a different kind of "Indian." I had no idea I would be here when I ate my first chapati and tried on my first sari, but how blessed the road has been to get here.

God has taught me a lot since I first landed in that foreign land by myself last summer. He has taught me about trusting Him through the unknown and about the importance of talking to Him, even telling Him the littlest things. Mostly I think He has taught me how much He cares. I can tell He cares because each opportunity He has given me has made me grow, as a person and as a Christian. I have been challenged, made uncomfortable, and been so very very blessed. Last year this time I was shopping with my new Indian family, eating a blessed omelet, and buying a new Indian wardrobe. This year I have just come home from hanging out with 75 middle school and high school students at the first youth group event of the year. Hanging out with my Apache kids is a joy I never would have imagined when walking through the streets of Southern India, but both experiences are ones I would not trade for any other.

I cannot thank God enough for the opportunities He has provided for me in the last year. It has been two Indian summers and I would not trade them for the world.

Shout out to Ron for the title of this blog post :) 


  1. You have indeed been blessed with some rich experiences with some beautiful people. Add in Mexico, Spain, and even Georgia!