Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Title is Always the Hardest Part.

Today I ran 3.5 miles. Ok, ok fine, I ran at a jogging pace and intermittently walked to catch my breath, but still, that's pretty impressive right? I don't think I have ever moved my two feet that far on purpose in my life. Part of my motivation was to finally get in shape, be healthy, and look awesome. The OTHER half was because at the end of 3.5 miles was the most glorious market one can imagine. At the end of 3.5 miles is South Pasadena, the super cute part of town with little shops and an old train station and things of that adorable nature, and when I reached the market sweating (ew), panting, and tired I swore I was in farmer's market heaven. It was like a fair that happens every Thursday. Vegetables, samples, ethnic foods, more vegetables, oh my gosh I was in love. I almost forgot that I was sweating bullets as I wandered off like a distracted kid in a candy store. It was simply glorious.

So the plan is to run to the market every Thursday and buy my fresh produce and eat delicious street food with friends. Doesn't that sound lovely? As I sit here with that accomplished kind of ache in my muscles I am just hoping that maybe I can learn to sweat less so as to impress that cute guy at the tomato stand....

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