Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Laughing Babies, They Always Getcha.

I started back at work this week. It is a lovely reprieve from organizing and reorganizing my room (my tendency when I have no homework and don't know what to do with myself). I discovered on Monday that my sweet little boy I nanny has grown even more adorable since I left two months ago and has taken to waddling around the house which is quite amazing really. What I love about him is that as he waddles around he will just take to laughing. Nothing funny is happening, nothing I can see is that amusing but as he walks he will just laugh and laugh and laugh. When this happens I generally begin to laugh too which makes him laugh more and in the end I think we might just both be copying each other and laughing for the sake of it, but in all reality the laughter brightens the whole day. As we laugh for no apparent reason other than his joy at life in general I have come to think that I want to live my life more like him. The joy of living should be enough that we relish in the small victories and we have fun at the most mundane tasks. If we all just took to laughing at random moments in the day I am convinced that the whole world would be happier.

If you can't steal away a child that just learned to walk (this is not my recommended option) I hope that you will take my advice and laugh a little more today. Laugh for no reason! You might get some funny looks from your coworkers or the strangers passing you on the street, but I can almost guarantee, life will become a lot more enjoyable. 

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