Friday, May 18, 2012

2 Joys, 1 Week

How does a week become even more perfect after the news of that beautiful baby boy from my last post? How about we add to that one of my other friends calling to say she just got engaged. A baby and an engagement, I must say this is one eventful week.

Congratulations Katelyn and Ben. God knew from the very beginning that He would bring you two together and look at all the crazy memories made along the way! The fun has just begun and I cannot wait to see how you two will serve Him together in your marriage. I am so blessed to be a spectator and friend in your story.

This life is a good one my friends, and I praise God for the beautiful blessings of new life He has given to each of us.
It might be a few days before I can figure out how to stop smiling. 

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