Sunday, May 20, 2012

In case you are just tuning in...

This is the story of a girl. A story of a girl who never seems to stay in one place. A story of a girl who has one foot in reality and one foot in a fairy tale. Who will change all the bedsheets with the sighting of one insect but will kiss the unwashed heads of street children. Some may say she is a living paradox, that she doesn't make sense, but she would say that she is simply a story unfolding. A story that she doesn't write the words to, but one in which she simply follows the turn of the page. 

This is the story of adventure. It is about getting lost and then found by a parade in the dark streets of Sevilla. It is about sleeping in the dirt for two weeks with a bucket of freezing water for a shower. It is about standing on the tip of India and watching the sunrise and getting patted down for drugs on the border to Portugal. 

And this is a story about Light. The Light that guided the steps. The Light that illuminated the dark places and promised the dawning of a new day. The Light that brought warmth and comfort at every moment. The Light that, above all, led the girl to where she is today. 

It is quite the story really. Would you like to come along? 

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