Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Inspiring words from our Chinese brother

Reading about the Chinese church and the Back to Jerusalem movement for a paper has turned out to be one of the most inspiring lessons in my Christian walk. We could learn so much from their perseverance, strength, and understanding of mission. What a blessing to get to research such an incredible movement. 

"Don't pray for the persecution to stop! We shouldn't pray for a lighter load to carry, but a stronger back to endure! Then the world will see that God is with us, empowering us to live in away that reflects his love and power.
This is true freedom!"

-quote from The Heavenly Man by Chinese Christian Brother Yun regarding Americans praying for the Chinese government to stop oppressing the church. 

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  1. ..."a stronger back"...oh wimpy we americans are...i love you...elaine/ccww