Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Image of our Savior's Love

"Oh to be loved!" She exclaimed with a faraway look in her eyes and a smile so slight it was hardly noticed. "To be loved is my greatest desire. To be fully content and fully at home in the arms of another. Oh I would be complete if only I were loved."

He looked at her, his eyes searching and a slight sadness tickling the ends of  his lips. 

"My dear," he spoke softly, "Don't you know? You are loved. More than you could ever imagine. The love you long for is just a thimble of water compared to the ocean you already have."

"Hmph." She crossed her arms and turned away, her dress fluttering in the summer wind. "Then why do I feel like this, like I am alone in a world of togetherness." 

At this his sad smile turned up a bit, and his eyes shone like great lights in the night sky. 

"My dear, it is because you do not realize the ways in which I am holding you. When the wind blows on a perfect summer day, when you receive a note from a long lost friend, when you have that feeling of contentment in a discontented world, my dear that is me. That is me showing you that I love you. 

She turned, her eyes suddenly wide and a lone tear weaving a path down her delicate cheek. "It is you." She whispered. "I knew it was you, but I never realized. I never realized that Your love is what I long for."

He laughs softly, in a way that is neither demeaning nor rude, simply full of love for a child that was lost and then found. 

"My dear, I have never left you."

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