Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Perfect Weather Day

I don't know how it does it, the smell of the air on a perfect weather day, but it can evoke all the good memories of days gone by that I thought I had forgotten. I smell the air and I feel it lay perfectly on my skin and when I close my eyes, I can see it. 

I can see myself sitting in my school uniform eating ice cream from the ice cream truck, at a table in our backyard in England. 

I am playing on the playground at my elementary school with my dad and my siblings, arguing because he won't let us leave until we make a basket. 

I am traipsing about with my high school friends in Foxcroft, my neighborhood in Virginia. 

I can picture running through the backyard with my old boyfriend in Georgia, or laying in the grass discussing the things of life.  I am transferred to a high school football game. I can see my house and my mom. I can taste chicken salad and lemonade. 

I can close my eyes and feel like I am walking through downtown Milledgeville, stopping in antique stores with my friend Peter. 

And I don't resist. I wrap myself in this perfect weather and I make my home in this feeling of comfort. As my mind rolls through all the beautiful days of my life I know that there will be many more. That days like this are a gift from my Father, reminding me that there are things in this life that are good. Reminding me that I am blessed and that my life has been full. 

I must admit, I love when He gives me a perfect weather day. 

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