Friday, January 13, 2012

Tebow, can you hear me?

Isn't there anyone who has a connection to Tim Tebow? Is it too much to ask God if I ask to marry him?

Even if my dreams of marrying Tim Tebow don't come true, he is a wonderful example of what girls should look for in a man. He is proof that there are good guys out there, who will follow in the footsteps of Christ no matter the opposition. He is a servant of the Lord who is using his position in society to glorify the name of Jesus Christ. He is missional, kind, humble, and compassionate. Add to that, he is really attractive.

Really, what more can a girl ask for?

Read this and grab some tissues.


  1. ...not much that is for sure...and you know what...he just might be praying..."Lord isn't there a perfect girl somewhere who loves who is beautiful and blonde and loves the mission field...just like mom did...(ok i am a child of the sixties...i think it is ok to think of males wanting someone they love and marry to be beautiful...and for the female to want the guy to be cute and hunky...i mean for goodness sake you really can be those things and Christian too)...and tebow does sound pretty good...i just want to see him do the "tebow" when he know...give thanks in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES... and he may well do that...i am usually in bed sleeping when all the action is taking place...and jerry fills me in on things the next morning...well...of one thing i am certain...if tebow is not the one...the good Lord has someone even better for that beautiful blonde hanging out in california...just wait and heard it here first...i love you hugs elaine/ccww

    1. Ms. Elaine, I love that you can comment again. You always put a great smile to my face and an encouragement to my heart!