Monday, January 23, 2012

A Tug on My Heartstrings

I have recently been keeping up with a blog that is written by an old friend's mom. This family recently adopted two siblings from Russia. It is really a rather inspiring story. Yesterday as I was catching up on my blog reading I clicked on the link to the site where children are listed as waiting for adoption. These children all either have disabilities or are HIV positive. I began to read story after story, description after description of these sweet and amazing children who have not yet been given the chance to reach their full potential. A few of them have been on my heart for days, and I can't rid my mind of their faces.

Follow this link and you can see a brief description of these sweet children. They are described as very close siblings, and one of them is HIV positive. Everything in me wishes I had the means to adopt Alyssa and Yates. It breaks my heart that they don't yet have a family. These kids are all I can think about these days!

Then there is this cutie:

Arnold has Down's Syndrome and from the description found here it looks like he has amazing potential if given a family who loves him. The site states that if he does not find a family by July then he will be put in an institution. It seems that when children with disabilities reach a certain age they get taken out of the orphanage and placed in an institution, where it is likely very difficult for them to reach their full potential.

I admit writing this post out of a bit of ignorance, but these children have gripped my heart. I don't know a lot about International adoption, but I do know that these are real children that need loving families, children I would take in a heartbeat if I could. I guess this is a moment for us to thank God for the children we have and know that are healthy and that are loved. And for me, it is a moment where I realize that one day I hope to be able to be a family to someone like Alyssa, Yates, and Arnold.

God, I pray this earnestly with all of my heart. Please find a family for these children, a family that will love them through all the hard times and the challenges. Take care of them and all of the other children without a proper family tonight. Hold them tight God. Give them hope. Open the hearts of those able to bring them into their families around the world. Amen. 


  1. ...somtimes one need only to whisper...amen...

  2. ...somtimes one need only to whisper...amen...