Monday, January 9, 2012

Fairy tales and childish notions.

Sometimes life is hard. I think most anyone who reads this will agree. When we are young we are fed a lot of idealistic notions, and I am not resentful of that. It gave me more time to believe that everything and everyone in the world was good. Even though at times I feel so far from those childhood dreams, I think that this idealistic hope of our childhood is still alive, if we believe in the Gospel that is. It has simply gotten buried. It gets buried beneath the news of wars and conflict. It gets hidden behind the 27 million people enslaved around the world and the thousands of children dying tonight because they can't get enough food. It gets pushed down under loneliness, pain, distance, and sadness. It gets pushed so far down that we begin to believe in the stuff on top. We begin to believe that the childish hope was simply childish. We become discouraged. We want to just give up, or we feel so burdened that we can hardly bear it. 

But what did we learn in all of our fairy tale books? Think, you can remember. Good always wins over evil. Beneath all of this heartache there is the beat of a heart that cannot be contained. It beats louder and louder until it overcomes all of the things that have tried to bury it. And it beats so loud that it covers everything, and there it is again. Though we may be 22, 42, or 92, we feel that peace we had as a child. It is a peace that says we are taken care of and everything really will be wonderful in the end. We really will all have a happy ending, because Jesus Christ came down to earth as our Prince and He saved us. He rescued us so that we could all live happily ever after. 

I have to listen. I have to believe. Otherwise I will get buried in all of this. I have to remember that there is a happy ending to everything. I have to believe, because it is all that keeps me afloat. 

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  1. ...and what are those wonderful last words..."and lo I am with you always...even until the end of the world"...indeed... if that is not "living happily ever after"...i don't know what is...