Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Image of God's Love

Many times when I am trying to understand God, or my life in relationship to Him, my mind works in pictures or images. The other day I happened to be chatting with a dear friend of mine and we were discussing hardships and trials that are due to something we are born with. A picture came to my mind as we struggled with this topic, and though it may not be theologically sound, I thought I would share it with you. Maybe it will make sense as you struggle through hardships of your own.

He leans over the tiny baby, still and yet unfinished. As He puts the finishing touches on her, silent tears fall from His majestic face. He knows that this touch will cause her suffering and great sadness. This unformed baby's whole life flashes before His eyes, as the tears continue to fall. As He finishes, He kisses her tiny cheek and sends her down. He has placed in her the inability to have children, but He has also written all of her days down in His book. He knows that she will be a wonderful mother. He sees the future of three small children changed because of her love for them, though they were not born from her body. And in the midst of her sad heart, He sees hope.

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